Opportunity Knocks...Are You Ready?

Do you have the right stuff? Are you determined, disciplined, conscientious?

Are you devoted to nurturing your talent for the work that you do?

If you are, then you will be successful.

Opportunities will come your way and you will be ready to seize them.

Successful and influential people, the people who can make things happen for you, always notice an attitude of dedication and commitment. They notice it and respect it because they have that same attitude. It makes a strong impression on them when they see these qualities in other people. If they see these qualities in you then, your name will go straight to the top of their list.

Even if your skill set isn’t quite where it should be, they will most likely think of you and be prepared to give you a chance at some point in the future.

Dedication and commitment increase your abilities and skill set so when an opportunity comes knocking on the door you will be ready. Trusting in your skills and having confidence in yourself is essential to your success. When opportunity knocks on your door, you aren’t just going to casually respond, you are going to burst through that door and say ‘Here I am’ and ‘yes I’ve got this’

I’ve had an endless stream of amazing opportunities. Because I have always worked hard and have been so focused on my goals, I’ve been ready to take on almost all of them at full speed and without reservation.

Obviously, God’s grace is at work here but so was my attitude and work ethic. I’ve talked before about cooperating with God’s grace and taking an active responsibility in His grace.

You don’t know when an opportunity is going to present itself so make sure you are ready. Hone your skills first thing in the morning. Get out of bed, drink your coffee and start your day by doing the things that are essential to achieving your goals.

For a musician, one of the most important things you can do is get that first hour of personal practice completed. This gets priority over everything else. Aside from reinforcing your skills, it builds discipline, character and confidence. It gets you prepared for your day and focuses you on what really matters.

Devoting that time and energy early in the morning means you are physically and mentally ready to take on the day, you are prepared for whatever opportunities are presented to you as your day progresses.

I always warm up for an hour in the morning, 8-9am. If a recording studio calls at 9:30am and they need me to play a soundtrack at 10am, then I’m ready to go give them my absolute best work. If they call and I haven’t bothered to get my warm up started then what am I going to do?

You can’t ask them to wait on you till you can get warmed up, you cannot say no to the opportunity, but you are going to blow it if you aren’t ready to take it on. If you blow it then they won’t be calling you back again, plain and simple.

You don’t get to plan when and where your opportunities will occur, but you can plan on being overly prepared for them. You are doing yourself a huge disservice if you haven’t done everything possible to make sure you are ready when opportunity knocks.

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